Skulls and Ones- Blood Bowl Podcast

Thanks for listening!  In this episode, Nate and Mike will be interviewing Jeremiah about tournament organizing and then Nate gets a one on one with James Luft, creator of the new Blood Bowl resource,!  Woooo!  This podcast came in just in tiem for you to listen on your trips for the holidays!

Tournament Organization 101- 0:00-1:22.50

James Luft, 1:22.50 until it ends!

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Thanks for listening!  This podcast comes in at a whopping hour and a half, our longest one yet!  We answer a question form a fan, chat about doing divisions in our league, and give you our opinions on which of the 24 teams belong in Tier 1, 2, and 3.  That's a lot of teams to yammer on about.  Yikes.

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In this podcast, Nate and Mike are on the road with Dave, Jeremiah, and Tim on our first mobile podcast towards and away from the Bare-Knucle Brawler tournament in Portsmouth, VA.  We also introduce our hot topic of painting trophies at tournaments and our new pet peeves section! Are we the first podcast of Blood Bowl to go mobile?  Probably not, but we're excited anyways. 

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In this episode, Nate Ball and Mike Vag discuss the Blood Bowl tournaments they went to independently, the Overseer Cup and the NOVA Open.  They also dish about the mechanics of their league and introduce a new segment- "Hot Topic".

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BWSO- Blood Bowl Podcast #2

In this episode we speak with the indefatigable Nate Beem (NAF Tournament Director) and the 1st Place, Best Painted, and Stunty Cup Winner of the Atlantic Coast Charity Cup!

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Welcome to the first Bacon-Wrapped Skulls and Ones Blood Bowl podcast out of Richmond, VA.  Your hosts, Nate Ball and Mike Vag, will take you through our league set-up (SPRBBL), history, and what teams we love to play. Blood Bowl is a true fantasy football table-top game and was created by Jervis Johnson and is owned by Games Workshop.  We have no affiliation to GW because we actually love this game.  Sick burn.   

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