Skulls and Ones- Blood Bowl Podcast (Games)

In this episode we talk about our rosters and how our first "second season" league went.

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In this episode, and just in time for Valentine's 2021, Nate Ball, English Chris, and Doombeard Dave bring their wives on the podcast to talk about our favorite subject: Blood Bowl! "Our", meaning the three hosts, not the wives. Our last in-person recording before Dave moved to Florida. Wamp wamp.

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In this episode Nate, English Chris and Tim Weston talk about last years resolutions and set new ones.

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In this episode, Nate Ball and English Chris intewrview Ian H. McKinley, author of Harbinger, and discuss his Up and Under Blood Bowl inspired novel on We discuss writing, Blood Bowl, and his legue in Quebec!

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Doombeard Dave recaps his trip to play in Chaos Cup 2020 to Nate Ball, English Chris, and Dylan the Squig. Have no fear- we dive into tangents frequently while drinking. In case you were in fear of us not doing that.

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Nate Ball, English Chris, Doombeard Dave, and Dylan the Squig finish up the major Rules of Blood Bowl 2020. Finally. 

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Episode 2.14: The one where we talk about BB2020 Rules: Part 1. (feat. Doombeard Dave and Dylan the Squig)

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In this episode Nate Ball, English Chris and Toby Spaulding talk about the genre blood bowl possibly fits into.

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In this episode Nate Ball, English and Toby Spalding have a deep (at least for us) conversation about gaming etiquette and the psychology behind dice and random number generators.

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In this Episode we talk about our secret league on FUMBBL and we answer another listeners question. Apologies for some of the audio, we had some interference issues.

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In this episode Nate Ball, Doombeard Dave and English Chris take on another question for another listener.

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On the road again! Nate and English Chris are accompanied by Big Shep and Ken Washington to the ACCC tournament in Norfolk, Virginia. We discuss our rosters on the way there and how we did on our way home.

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In this episode Nate and English Chris are on the road to the Overseer cup, we discuss our rosters and rules and then discuss how we did.

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This Episode Nate and English Chris talk about the latest Bacon Bowl referee edition with mobile content coming from some of the guys at the DUBBL (Dulles Underground Bloodbowl League) Not the greatest audio but some great content.

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In this episode Nate returns from prison, we talk some more about the new rules in Deathzone Season 2 and cover Blocking with the Stars Tournament.

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In this podcast Jeremiah and Aux Nate, i.e. English Chris talk about the star players in Deathzone season 2. We also have guest "Mayday" Mick Winters on a call to discuss the scoring system used in the Amorical cup, along with a couple of plugs for upcoming tournaments.

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Finally we are back! After ridiculous schedules to get another episodeout, Jeremiah and Nate cover Amorical Cup 2017, cover the Chaos Pact and Goblins in Deathzone 2, and discuss possible NAF team additions. And there's a new By The Numbers!

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In this episode, Jeremiah and Nate discuss the Made-to-Order Blood Bowl models released by GW as well as the newly released models, determine which big guys are the most essential to their teams, introduce a spotlight on skills (spoiler: it's side-step) where Nate thinks he knows so much, and talk about dice etiquette. The kids and wives were away so the SAO boys were out to play. Also, Girls on Film. 

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English Chris and Nate Ball (who recorded this Blood Bowl episode on March 17th, St. Paddy's Day) get well into their drinks and talk about Amorical Cup, Blood Bowl Etiquette, game changing Special Play Cards, all while waxing philosophical and going on digressions as the night went on. Slurring of words may have occurred. Enjoy!

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In this episode, Jeremiah and Nate playtest and review the two new teams in the Blood Bowl Dugout app: the Savage Orcs and Human Nobility. We also discuss tactics with the frenzy skill and discuss the our league and how we set it up and what rules we added in. We then take questions from our listeners, add to a previous By the Numbers and do a new Hot Topic. Thanks for listening and enjoy!

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In this episode, English Chris joins Jeremiah and Nate to discuss the new rules! Doombeard Dave discusses Piling On and Nate Beem, the NAF Tournament Director, discusses what the NAF changed and why they did it. We also wrap up the V for Vendetta Tournament, do a FUMBBL review with English Chris, discuss Jeremiah and Nate's 1-minute turn league game, and talk about Amorical Cup and our website, Lay back, relax and enjoy the show! Unless you're in a car. Then maybe not lay back so much.

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In this episode, Doombeard Dave joins Nate Ball in interviewing Matt Forbeck, author of the four Blood Bowl novels, including the graphic novel, Killer Contract. They discuss the novels, Blood Bowl, and writing as a profession with some insight into getting started and what being a writer is all about. Check out Matt at and the re-release of the Blood Bowl Novel set at! Enjoy!

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In this episode of Skulls and Ones Blood Bowl podcast, we interview two of Games Workshop's lead writers for Blood Bowl, James Hewitt and Andy Hoare. Get the scoop on what they want to accomplish, rule changes, and the direction of the greatest game ever created!

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Welcome to the 22nd episode of Skulls and Ones, a Blood bowl podcast! The gang travels to Raleigh to play in AJ Murray's Old World Stadium Series at Event Horizon Games. We discuss the Road to 24 and why it helps to make you a better coach playing all of the teams!

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In this Blood Bowl podcast, we include guest hosts, Dylan and Doombeard Dave. The gang discusses By The Numbers- AV7 with block vs Armor 8, how to deal with a league where people lose steam, GW/Warhammer stuff, and our special segment- Storytime With Doombeard Dave. Enjoy!

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In this Blood Bowl podcast episode, Nate and Jeremiah discuss the upcoming Bacon Bowl and the special Ref Rules that will apply. They also review, a dice analyzer for Blood Bowl 2 PC gamers. Nate and English Chris finish part 3 of "Explaining Blood Bowl to Girls", and then Nate and Jeremiah wax philosophically about the nerd realm. 

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In this episode, Jeremiah and Nate briefly discuss changes in the NAF. Then they talk about tweaking Claw-PoMB, TTM, and give a new thought to tweaking the block dice. Then they introduce "By the Numbers", going over the percentages for all of the teams that can score a one-turn touchdown by throwing their team-mates. Who is the best and who is the worst? And THEN there is discussion on how their league, RABBL, was set up to become a year long season and what they did to spice things up in the game room. Sit back and enjoy the bacon while we chew the fat! See what I did there? 

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In this Blood Bowl podcast episode, Nate and Mike wrap up the Bad News Blunder Tournament and then Mike says goodbye to the podcast while Nate scrambles to get a new co-host. Then the new team talk about the NAF President hopefuls and their opening statements, GW and Specialty Games, Rule Changes, and do Part 2 of Explaining Blood Bowl to Girls! It's a doozy!

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In this episode about everyone's favorite tabletop fantasy football game, Nate and Mike discuss an interview with Jason Casebolt from Everett Blood Bowl League, we listen to Doombeard Dave's Instruction on Good Vibes with Dice, and Nate explains Blood Bowl to women. Take a seat and enjoy!

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In this episode, Nate and Mike talk about the name change of the podcast (quite drastic!), go over the Bound By Blood Bowl Tournament (a team event), discuss Bad Dice versus Bad Coaching, give a shout out to Iron Golems (a new miniatures company using indiegogo),and discuss Blood Bowl 2! We also try out the censor bleeps for the first time! Thanks, Mike...

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In this tabletop game podcast, Nate Ball goes solo (sort of) with an interview with Nate Beem, the Tournament Director of the NAF, to discuss what the NAF is, what they see themselves as, and what they are trying to do! Answers to many misconceptions (mostly mine) can be found here!  Also, Doombeard Dave and Nate wrap up their two tournaments at the NoVA Open on the way back to Richmond, VA. Sort of like a mobile podcast (sort of).

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In this podcast, Mike V, and Nate Ball discuss overtime and how it can be changed to be awesome. They also discuss the NoVA Open, a massive multi-gaming event in Arlington, VA, during Labor Day Weekend. Finally, they discuss what three skills from each category are best to take for tournaments!

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We finally cover the Hooky Bowl Tournament from forever ago! Nate Ball, Nate Beem, and Will Rogers, take on Jim Luft and Tom Schulz's Lord Borak's Day Off event while Mike Vag and Nate Bsll discuss the Hot Topic of Strength 5 characters getting double skills. 

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Mike and Nate talk about The Bank, go on a non-mobile mobile trip to a tournament, and talk about how to spice a league up and ask for suggestions. Drinking game: take a shot of whatever you want every time Mike says the phrase "and again".

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The gang is on the way to a 7-Cities Tournament but there are two cars of coaches going down!  That means there are 2 mobile podcasts!  Also, Nate and Mike run into to sluggish shenanigans on the way down.  Hint: Never trust GPS. We also lost common sense for an hour.

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The gang takes a trip to the Solstice Slam in Northern Virginia put on by the DUBBL where a new race has been unveiled: the Druids.  We also interview Mike Murray, the brave coach willing to play them.  This makes our 2nd mobile podcast! Yay, road trips!

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Thanks for listening!  In this episode, Nate and Mike will be interviewing Jeremiah about tournament organizing and then Nate gets a one on one with James Luft, creator of the new Blood Bowl resource,!  Woooo!  This podcast came in just in tiem for you to listen on your trips for the holidays!

Tournament Organization 101- 0:00-1:22.50

James Luft, 1:22.50 until it ends!

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Thanks for listening!  This podcast comes in at a whopping hour and a half, our longest one yet!  We answer a question form a fan, chat about doing divisions in our league, and give you our opinions on which of the 24 teams belong in Tier 1, 2, and 3.  That's a lot of teams to yammer on about.  Yikes.

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In this podcast, Nate and Mike are on the road with Dave, Jeremiah, and Tim on our first mobile podcast towards and away from the Bare-Knucle Brawler tournament in Portsmouth, VA.  We also introduce our hot topic of painting trophies at tournaments and our new pet peeves section! Are we the first podcast of Blood Bowl to go mobile?  Probably not, but we're excited anyways. 

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In this episode, Nate Ball and Mike Vag discuss the Blood Bowl tournaments they went to independently, the Overseer Cup and the NOVA Open.  They also dish about the mechanics of their league and introduce a new segment- "Hot Topic".

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BWSO- Blood Bowl Podcast #2

In this episode we speak with the indefatigable Nate Beem (NAF Tournament Director) and the 1st Place, Best Painted, and Stunty Cup Winner of the Atlantic Coast Charity Cup!

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Welcome to the first Bacon-Wrapped Skulls and Ones Blood Bowl podcast out of Richmond, VA.  Your hosts, Nate Ball and Mike Vag, will take you through our league set-up (SPRBBL), history, and what teams we love to play. Blood Bowl is a true fantasy football table-top game and was created by Jervis Johnson and is owned by Games Workshop.  We have no affiliation to GW because we actually love this game.  Sick burn.   

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