Skulls and Ones- Blood Bowl Podcast

In this episode, Nate Ball and English Chris intewrview Ian H. McKinley, author of Harbinger, and discuss his Up and Under Blood Bowl inspired novel on We discuss writing, Blood Bowl, and his legue in Quebec!

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Doombeard Dave recaps his trip to play in Chaos Cup 2020 to Nate Ball, English Chris, and Dylan the Squig. Have no fear- we dive into tangents frequently while drinking. In case you were in fear of us not doing that.

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Nate Ball, English Chris, Doombeard Dave, and Dylan the Squig finish up the major Rules of Blood Bowl 2020. Finally. 

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Nate Ball, English Chris, Doombeard Dave, and Dylan the Squig continue combing through the rules with a gap-toothed fork. 

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Episode 2.14: The one where we talk about BB2020 Rules: Part 1. (feat. Doombeard Dave and Dylan the Squig)

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In this episode Nate Ball, English Chris and Toby Spaulding talk about the genre blood bowl possibly fits into.

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In this episode Nate Ball, English and Toby Spalding have a deep (at least for us) conversation about gaming etiquette and the psychology behind dice and random number generators.

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In this Episode we talk about our secret league on FUMBBL and we answer another listeners question. Apologies for some of the audio, we had some interference issues.

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In this episode Nate Ball, Doombeard Dave and English Chris take on another question for another listener.

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English Chris, Nate Ball and Doombeard dave get together and discuss whats been going on with the quarantine and answer or first question from listeners about our work history!

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Nate Ball and English Chris go over some of the things that currently grind our gears in Bloodbowl!

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The Big Lick Brawl, English Chris and Nate Ball talk about the Big Lick Brawl tournament In Roanoke Virginia.

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Nate Ball and English Chris talk about the real history of Football (American football depending on where you are from) and its comparisons to bloodbowl.

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In this episode Nate Ball and English Chris talk about their Bloodbowl related resolutions.

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