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On the road again! Nate and English Chris are accompanied by Big Shep and Ken Washington to the ACCC tournament in Norfolk, Virginia. We discuss our rosters on the way there and how we did on our way home.

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In this episode Nate and English Chris are on the road to the Overseer cup, we discuss our rosters and rules and then discuss how we did.

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This Episode Nate and English Chris talk about the latest Bacon Bowl referee edition with mobile content coming from some of the guys at the DUBBL (Dulles Underground Bloodbowl League) Not the greatest audio but some great content.

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In this Episode Nate and English Chris discuss some Bloodbowl literature, take a couple of questions from our listeners and go over the rules for the 2019 world cup, and thrown in for good measure is Jeremiah interviewing Mark Perre, a recent tournament winner with Khorne.

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In this Episode we all cover The Crimson Grail and The Revenge of the Crimson Grail tournaments as well as the stadium rules from Death Zone Season 2!

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In this episode Nate returns from prison, we talk some more about the new rules in Deathzone Season 2 and cover Blocking with the Stars Tournament.

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