Skulls and Ones- Blood Bowl Podcast

In this episode, Jeremiah and Nate discuss the Made-to-Order Blood Bowl models released by GW as well as the newly released models, determine which big guys are the most essential to their teams, introduce a spotlight on skills (spoiler: it's side-step) where Nate thinks he knows so much, and talk about dice etiquette. The kids and wives were away so the SAO boys were out to play. Also, Girls on Film. 

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English Chris and Nate Ball (who recorded this Blood Bowl episode on March 17th, St. Paddy's Day) get well into their drinks and talk about Amorical Cup, Blood Bowl Etiquette, game changing Special Play Cards, all while waxing philosophical and going on digressions as the night went on. Slurring of words may have occurred. Enjoy!

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