Skulls and Ones- Blood Bowl Podcast

In this podcast Jeremiah and Aux Nate, i.e. English Chris talk about the star players in Deathzone season 2. We also have guest "Mayday" Mick Winters on a call to discuss the scoring system used in the Amorical cup, along with a couple of plugs for upcoming tournaments.

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Finally we are back! After ridiculous schedules to get another episodeout, Jeremiah and Nate cover Amorical Cup 2017, cover the Chaos Pact and Goblins in Deathzone 2, and discuss possible NAF team additions. And there's a new By The Numbers!

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In this episode, Jeremiah and Nate discuss the Made-to-Order Blood Bowl models released by GW as well as the newly released models, determine which big guys are the most essential to their teams, introduce a spotlight on skills (spoiler: it's side-step) where Nate thinks he knows so much, and talk about dice etiquette. The kids and wives were away so the SAO boys were out to play. Also, Girls on Film. 

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English Chris and Nate Ball (who recorded this Blood Bowl episode on March 17th, St. Paddy's Day) get well into their drinks and talk about Amorical Cup, Blood Bowl Etiquette, game changing Special Play Cards, all while waxing philosophical and going on digressions as the night went on. Slurring of words may have occurred. Enjoy!

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In this episode, Jeremiah and Nate playtest and review the two new teams in the Blood Bowl Dugout app: the Savage Orcs and Human Nobility. We also discuss tactics with the frenzy skill and discuss the our league and how we set it up and what rules we added in. We then take questions from our listeners, add to a previous By the Numbers and do a new Hot Topic. Thanks for listening and enjoy!

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In this episode, English Chris joins Jeremiah and Nate to discuss the new rules! Doombeard Dave discusses Piling On and Nate Beem, the NAF Tournament Director, discusses what the NAF changed and why they did it. We also wrap up the V for Vendetta Tournament, do a FUMBBL review with English Chris, discuss Jeremiah and Nate's 1-minute turn league game, and talk about Amorical Cup and our website, Lay back, relax and enjoy the show! Unless you're in a car. Then maybe not lay back so much.

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