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In this episode, Doombeard Dave joins Nate Ball in interviewing Matt Forbeck, author of the four Blood Bowl novels, including the graphic novel, Killer Contract. They discuss the novels, Blood Bowl, and writing as a profession with some insight into getting started and what being a writer is all about. Check out Matt at and the re-release of the Blood Bowl Novel set at! Enjoy!

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In this episode of Skulls and Ones Blood Bowl podcast, we interview two of Games Workshop's lead writers for Blood Bowl, James Hewitt and Andy Hoare. Get the scoop on what they want to accomplish, rule changes, and the direction of the greatest game ever created!

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Welcome to the 22nd episode of Skulls and Ones, a Blood bowl podcast! The gang travels to Raleigh to play in AJ Murray's Old World Stadium Series at Event Horizon Games. We discuss the Road to 24 and why it helps to make you a better coach playing all of the teams!

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In this Blood Bowl podcast, we include guest hosts, Dylan and Doombeard Dave. The gang discusses By The Numbers- AV7 with block vs Armor 8, how to deal with a league where people lose steam, GW/Warhammer stuff, and our special segment- Storytime With Doombeard Dave. Enjoy!

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In this Blood Bowl podcast episode, Nate and Jeremiah discuss the upcoming Bacon Bowl and the special Ref Rules that will apply. They also review, a dice analyzer for Blood Bowl 2 PC gamers. Nate and English Chris finish part 3 of "Explaining Blood Bowl to Girls", and then Nate and Jeremiah wax philosophically about the nerd realm. 

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In this episode, Jeremiah and Nate briefly discuss changes in the NAF. Then they talk about tweaking Claw-PoMB, TTM, and give a new thought to tweaking the block dice. Then they introduce "By the Numbers", going over the percentages for all of the teams that can score a one-turn touchdown by throwing their team-mates. Who is the best and who is the worst? And THEN there is discussion on how their league, RABBL, was set up to become a year long season and what they did to spice things up in the game room. Sit back and enjoy the bacon while we chew the fat! See what I did there? 

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