Skulls and Ones- Blood Bowl Podcast

In this Blood Bowl podcast episode, Nate and Mike wrap up the Bad News Blunder Tournament and then Mike says goodbye to the podcast while Nate scrambles to get a new co-host. Then the new team talk about the NAF President hopefuls and their opening statements, GW and Specialty Games, Rule Changes, and do Part 2 of Explaining Blood Bowl to Girls! It's a doozy!

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In this episode about everyone's favorite tabletop fantasy football game, Nate and Mike discuss an interview with Jason Casebolt from Everett Blood Bowl League, we listen to Doombeard Dave's Instruction on Good Vibes with Dice, and Nate explains Blood Bowl to women. Take a seat and enjoy!

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In this episode, Nate and Mike talk about the name change of the podcast (quite drastic!), go over the Bound By Blood Bowl Tournament (a team event), discuss Bad Dice versus Bad Coaching, give a shout out to Iron Golems (a new miniatures company using indiegogo),and discuss Blood Bowl 2! We also try out the censor bleeps for the first time! Thanks, Mike...

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In this tabletop game podcast, Nate Ball goes solo (sort of) with an interview with Nate Beem, the Tournament Director of the NAF, to discuss what the NAF is, what they see themselves as, and what they are trying to do! Answers to many misconceptions (mostly mine) can be found here!  Also, Doombeard Dave and Nate wrap up their two tournaments at the NoVA Open on the way back to Richmond, VA. Sort of like a mobile podcast (sort of).

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In this podcast, Mike V, and Nate Ball discuss overtime and how it can be changed to be awesome. They also discuss the NoVA Open, a massive multi-gaming event in Arlington, VA, during Labor Day Weekend. Finally, they discuss what three skills from each category are best to take for tournaments!

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We finally cover the Hooky Bowl Tournament from forever ago! Nate Ball, Nate Beem, and Will Rogers, take on Jim Luft and Tom Schulz's Lord Borak's Day Off event while Mike Vag and Nate Bsll discuss the Hot Topic of Strength 5 characters getting double skills. 

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Mike and Nate talk about The Bank, go on a non-mobile mobile trip to a tournament, and talk about how to spice a league up and ask for suggestions. Drinking game: take a shot of whatever you want every time Mike says the phrase "and again".

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The gang is on the way to a 7-Cities Tournament but there are two cars of coaches going down!  That means there are 2 mobile podcasts!  Also, Nate and Mike run into to sluggish shenanigans on the way down.  Hint: Never trust GPS. We also lost common sense for an hour.

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The gang is yet again on a mobile podcast as we drive towards the Norfolk Pitch Crawl at O'Connor Brewery.  And the hot topic you ask?  Why, the kick-off table of course! 

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The gang takes a trip to the Solstice Slam in Northern Virginia put on by the DUBBL where a new race has been unveiled: the Druids.  We also interview Mike Murray, the brave coach willing to play them.  This makes our 2nd mobile podcast! Yay, road trips!

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